The last couple of weeks were incredibly busy and the next few will probably (hopefully) be less busy. I really feel like laying on my bed and thinking about anything but university and other stuff I have to do. I feel like watching a cat video on YouTube and I feel like reading an article about something that is totally not useful.

But okay, let’s get to the point of this blogpost. I was walking through Amsterdam the other day and the weather was so beautiful and everything looked really nice so I made soms pictures. Amsterdam is so beautiful and I love this city so much. Half of the pictures I made were terrible (I made them with my phone..), but there were three pictures that were okay.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?




Last week me and some of my friends went to visit another friend who recently moved to another city in The Netherlands. And since our country is the smallest thing you’ve ever seen, traveling to the other side of the country doesn’t take that long, so we bought a ticket and hopped on the bus. It took us almost two hours to get there. Normally, that wouldn’t be such a problem, but it was so incredibly hot in the bus. We almost died. And the worst part: we also brought a cat.

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